Emmanuel Shapira

נולד:22 בנוב' 1933 מקום:  Kovno, Lithuania
נפטר:5 במאי 1998 (בגיל 64)מקום:  New Orleans, LA, United States

משפחה קרובה

<פרטי> Shapira
בן/בת זוג שלו
<פרטי> Shapira
<פרטי> Shapira Levy
<פרטי> Shapira
<פרטי> Ben-Yoseph
<פרטי> Shapira (born Kagan)
בן/בת זוג שלו
Noah Shapira


Dr. Shapira graduated with an M.D. from Hebrew University in Jerusalem and received his Ph.D. in immunochemistry at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. He was on the pediatric faculty at Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago, and later became Professor of Pediatrics and Pathology and Director of the Hayward Genetics Center at Tulane University in New Orleans.


Dr. Shapira’s clinical and research interests were focused on inherited metabolic disorders. He has made numerous contributions to the field of biochemical genetics and was a dedicated physician to his patients and a supportive and compassionate teacher to his students. Emmanuel was one of the founders and most dedicated supporters of the SIMD for many years. His consistent participation in the annual meetings of the Society contributed both in knowledge and in spirit by making the meetings scientifically interesting and enjoyable. This award, that bears his name and the name of the Society that he cherished, is intended to recognize high quality work in the field that he loved.


A $1000 prize will be awarded annually to the first author of the best paper chosen by a committee that will include several members of the SIMD and the Editor-in-Chief of MGM.
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